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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a Satellite Dish for your service?
    No, there is no need for a satellite dish. You need 2MB download of internet with a network cable connection to access Standard Definition channels , many of our channels are now in HD therefore we recommend that you have 4-5MB ( you can carry out a test by clicking on the speedtest tab on our website) , a TV and our set top box. Please ensure you carry out the speed test close to where your TV and our set top box will sit ,rather than where your router is located ,  this will provide the most accurate results.
  • Do I need a UK IP address or VPN?
    There is no requirement for a VPN or UK IP address to use our service.
  • How can I connect the set top box to my Internet router?
    We recommend the set top box is connected to your router using a network cable, this will provide the most stable connection especially if your internet speeds are around the minimum requirement of 4MB. If your router is not located close to your TV, then the alternative solutions would be to use Internet Network Adapters that plug into your mains power or a Wifi Adapter , these can be purchased through our order page however you can contact us first if you are unsure what the best solution would be for your property.
  • I have a Sky box with no card, why am I losing channels?
    There is a significant change in progress relating to UK television channels. In short, the UK free channels have moved to a different Satellite to Sky. The new satellite will have a beam that is focused on the UK and the affect is that access to channels on this new satellite will become impossible to certain countries in Europe. If you have a Sky box, a Freeview receiver or a Free to Air receiver and cannot receive  BBC , ITV , C4 , C5  today you have been impacted by the changes, . This means your Sky box will allow you access to the ‘free’ sky channels ( eg. Sky News), however even with a Sky subscription the UK ‘free’ channels ( BBC, ITV etc), will not be available.
  • Why can I not just get a bigger dish?
    For most of France a dish in excess of 1 Meter minimum will be required to ‘recover’ these channels. Planning permission is required to install a dish of this size, and in every likelihood the footprint of the beam will change again if there is too much overspill into Europe.
  • If your system uses the internet what happens if my internet is down?
    If your internet is down, you will only be able use the set top box for access to USB connected media (ie photos etc). There is a 7 day catchup feature on all main channels and more, so long as your internet is re-established within 7 days you will be able to watch any program within the 7 days.
  • You say that the box is tiny, can I use it as a travel companion?
    The dimensions of the set top box are (w/d/h), 125/86/28 mm or 5″ x 3.5″ x 1. The unit is perfect as a travel companion, but we recommend you order a wireless dongle in addition.
  • Can I view photos or movies I have on a usb drive ?
    The set top box can give you ‘Smart’ Tv functions like web browsing, access to You Tube, and access to USB connected content like photos and movies.
  • I already have a MAG250/ MAG254 , can I subscribe to your service?
    Absolutely , your existing box can be updated to receive our service, please contact us for further details.
  • Do you offer an installation service?
    If you live in Department 06 (or the surrounding area) and Monaco ,we can offer a standard  installation service .Please use the ‘contact us’ page to send us further details on your exact location. **Please note if you require any complex cabling ( cables to channel through rooms/walls , over doorframes etc  ) you would need a local electrician for this part of the set up**
  • What do I need to place an order for your service?
    First, please confirm using our speed test that your internet is 2 Meg or more, then you can use our order page to place an order. The monthly service fee is billed on a minumum quarterly basis by Paypal or credit card
  • What are the Terms and Conditions?
    Invoices will be sent on a quarterly basis , if payment is not received then your service will suspend until the bill is settled , all current channels listings are subject to change at any time .


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